The first presentation’s topics are:


1- OUR SCHOOL ( name, number of students, uniform description, school logo, subjects we learn in school, sports we can practice, festivals, olympic school games, etc.)

Image2. OUR CITY ( name, location on Spanish map, population, flag, monuments, important buildings, famous people etc.)

Image3. OUR COUNTRY ( name, location on European map, population, president, traditions, customs, official languages, important people in Spain-painters, singers, writers-etc.)

Deadline: 7th OCTUBRE (we are going to start our presentations)

Things to think about:

1) what material you are going to use ( poster,pictures, powerpoint,video,etc.)

2) What is going to present each member of the group? (what is going to say each person when presenting the topic to the rest of the class)

GOOD LUCK and if you have any questions you can write a comentary in the blog and I am going to answer you as soon as possible. Remeber that we can help you or give some ideas about the topics.  🙂



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4 respuestas a 4th GRADE: FIRST PRESENTATION’s TOPICS -7th October

  1. HUGO F 5b dijo:

    hola cristiana de 5B antes 4B que
    tal estas

  2. Laura Lorenzo dijo:

    Hello Cristiana, you don´t give me the photos of theachers to do the presentation. Please send me as soon as possible. We are going to do it this week end. Thank you. Laura Lorenzo


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