OUR TEETH ( 4th Grade)

Have a look to our teeth and learn their names and functions. Click on the picture and start to play.


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13 respuestas a OUR TEETH ( 4th Grade)

  1. patricia gonzalez dijo:

    The game of the teeth is very funny but there is a teeth than is called winsdom tooth.What is it?

  2. macarena ezquerra dijo:

    cristiana has colgado las fotos de los profesores?

  3. patricia gonzalez dijo:

    Thank you Cristiana you are the best teather.

  4. patricia gonzalez dijo:

    When you are putting the exam Cristiana? Because iâm nervius.

  5. Cristiana can you put in the principal web the video of curro o of the game of countrys

    • crisvasiluta dijo:

      Sorry but I do not know who you are. All videos we do in class will be edited and then publishes because Icannot pusblish videos about each child. I am sorrybut youhave to wait until I finish the whole sequence of the movie.

      Iwill tell children when the video is published in the blog.

  6. fastimuskaojedamanzanares dijo:

    gracias por la clase de ingles de hoy

  7. macarena ezquerra dijo:

    Hello Cristiana
    I am studying very good with your blog

    See you tomorrow 😉



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