I remeber you that on Monday , 7th October we have to do your oral presentations in groups. 

I am sure you are going to do  GREAT PRESENATIONS.

Have a great weekend and I am nervous waiting to see your first presentations.


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13 respuestas a ORAL PRESENTATIONS ( 4th Grade)

  1. Maria Melendo 4ºC dijo:

    Hello Cristiana I´m Maria melendo and I´m very nervious for the presentations for tomorrow . But I thin i will do it good . And do you correct the science exams?

    By mery 4ºc I´m the girl who has the blond hair, BY

    • crisvasiluta dijo:

      Hello Maria,

      I am sure you will do a nice and good presentation today.

      I have corrected the exams and I am very happy with the results….very good marks en genral

      Today I am going to hand them out

      See you in half an hour

      Kisses Cristiana

  2. alejandro gonzalez dijo:

    Cristiana i love the video

  3. candela dijo:

    helo cristiana I saw the video
    I also see other but the 2 at the bottom I could*t see them
    do you correct the exam?I have a good mark or a bad?

  4. hola cristiana soy beatriz de 4D donde esta el video con las presentaciones de madrid y el colegio

    • crisvasiluta dijo:

      I have finished the video abotu the school and madrid…I need to edit it andI do not have so much time….i need also time to prepare the classes, spend time with my family, dedicate time to my son’ s studies and games,etc. Jejeje

  5. Candela dijo:

    Hello Cristiana did you put the video of e twinning?

  6. alejandra dijo:

    I saw the videos.. I like them all !!!!!

  7. mery dijo:

    hello,i put playbird and i can’t do.
    See you tomorrow…


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