Circulatory and respiratory System

Circulatory system ( video explanation)

Respiratory system ( video explanation)

Here you can find different activities to learn more about circulatory and respiratory system. 

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13 respuestas a Circulatory and respiratory System

  1. pablo cordon dijo:

    Hola Cristiana, tenemos que estudiarnos los componentes de la sangre?

  2. Elsa Escribano Martín dijo:

    hello Cristiana Im Elsa of 4-C I play all the games of
    of the respiratory sistem and circulatory sistem.
    And I study too

    • crisvasiluta dijo:

      Do not get frustrated for not getting a 10 in an exam. This should help you understand that you only get good result when you study every day. I think it’s a good lesson that you should learn today: the success depends on everyday effort.
      Please donot lose your motivation only because a mark.

      I am sure from now on you will study daily…I trust on you :). 🙂

  3. Jaime 4ºD dijo:

    hello cristiana im Jaime I saw the video and it was very interesting

  4. alejandra zuñiga dijo:

    helo cristiana yes i understand

  5. alejandro gonzalez dijo:

    Cristiana i saw the videos and i learn a lot .Can you tell to me more activities to do in the blog?

  6. alejandra zuñiga dijo:

    hello Cristiana I saw de etwinning video is very fun i like it and is very interesting that teachers can share information with other teachers around the word.

  7. Daniel García de la Mata dijo:

    Hello Cristiana, i have win old the questions of the game of circulatory systeme.

    • crisvasiluta dijo:

      Glad to hear that! You are a good students and you always can get the best points.

      Go on studying and you will learn a lot

      See you tomorrow and remeber that everyday you can have a surpriseeee! 🙂


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