Oral presentations ( 4th Grade)

The next oral presentations are going to take place on 8th of November. The topic is SANDRO BOTICELLI, a very famous italian painter.

sandro boticelli

Items you may talk about:

1- His biography ( where and when was he born, his life,etc.)

2- His most important paintings and very simple description of his paitings techniques

3- Description of one of his paintings ( “The Birth of Venus” inclusive)

REMEMBER: working in group implies to negotiate items and to get to agreements.

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11 respuestas a Oral presentations ( 4th Grade)

  1. Maria Melendo 4ºC dijo:

    Cristiana Marta Fatima Elsa and me we decidet how to present all the thigs.s It´s amazing!
    Mery M

  2. Gonzalo Cano 4º D dijo:

    Hello Cristiana, I am find things about Boticelli. Is very interesting.!!!

  3. Elsa Escribano Martín dijo:

    Hi Cristiana you don´t put the page
    kisses Elsa

  4. Fatima ojeda 4ºC dijo:

    Cristiana studying every day brought about botticelli hope I get it right because although I have little to say is a bit difficult and you could put up if I beret for about botticelli then that I tried to put my sister Raquel but not has been if you could please let me put your


  5. patricia gonzalez dijo:

    Hello Crisitiana I saw the blog is very interesting.
    Kisses Patricia.

  6. Isabel Rodriguez 4ºB dijo:

    Hello Cristiana, I like your blog.


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