Dali’s movie(extra work arts)


All students that want to be part of the movie please contact me.

The girls that already decided to be part of the movie pleasee have a look to the pictures. Thank You girls for your hard work and motivation. You are great!

The movie is going to be ready for Oscar! 🙂 🙂imageimageimageimageimage

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15 respuestas a Dali’s movie(extra work arts)

  1. María Melendo Córdob 4ªC dijo:

    hello Criatina ¿can I do something of the film?
    The other day i cant because my friend has te arm broken and I have to help her, so you say me if you have something to me to do.
    Thank you so much!
    Thousunds of kisses
    Maria M

    • Fsta dijo:

      Se le rompió el brazo a tu amiga e!
      Pues que se rompa el culo y sales

      • Elsa E dijo:

        Hi Cristana!!Im doing a chupa chups very big!!
        It made of cotón, paper and news paper papers!!!!
        I have an idea we can do what You said of the t-shirt and we can said what were wearing

  2. María Melendo Córdoban 4ªC =) dijo:

    See you tomorrow!

  3. Elena Castilla 4ºC dijo:

    Cristiana can I participate in the film too?
    Thats ideas are incredible !!!!

  4. Maria Fernández dijo:

    Cristiana can I do the telephone?😎😘

  5. Maria Fernández dijo:

    And the sandal🙌😘😎

  6. alejandrav. 4ºc dijo:

    me ha encantado el video !!!
    estoy haciendo unos de los dibujos de Dali

  7. alejandrav. 4ºc dijo:

    🙂 (:

  8. Patricia dijo:

    Cristiana we get a white t-shirt and we draw something.
    I think that is okay noo?

  9. alejandra zuñiga dijo:

    Hello Cristiana our t shirt are beautiful i thing we are going to win Grecia .WITH YOU WE ARE GOING TO WIN.


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