San Valetine’s Day

We all were part of a nice story of love, friendship and joy in San Valentine’s Day. This is the result. HOpe you enjoy it!

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7 respuestas a San Valetine’s Day

  1. Patricia dijo:

    Cristiana you and Rodrigo are incredible you dided the theatre very good Nico and Ari also dided good. I was : madre mía que bien lo están haciendo. And I’ m not lieing. See you on Monday.

  2. Nuria dijo:

    Impresionante!!! Cada día me sorprendo más.

  3. Patricia dijo:

    The computer sended wrong Cristiana because it does the things that it want .
    Tecnology is like that.One thing the art work of tecnology I have to bring on Tuesday the music about tecnology or the music that I want? We have exam. . . .
    See you tomorow.

  4. Patricia dijo:

    Another time the music about tecnology? No, the music about mitology.


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