Machines: funny science

A short presentation of machines done by Elsa Escribano, 4th grade student and some funny videos about our day celebrating “have fun with machines”


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10 respuestas a Machines: funny science

  1. Nicolas Bicand 4 C dijo:

    i like the video is very funny . I study every days on weekend i think that i´m redy for he exam. In
    this unit i learn a lot about machines . See you on monday bye

  2. Rubitauer dijo:

    Buen trabajo, Elsa!

    • crisvasiluta dijo:

      It’s true! Elsa has done a great Job and ver presentation Was longer but I could not post all of it. This term Elsa has done wonderful extra work in orden to get a better mark.Congratulation!

  3. Natalia dijo:

    Buen trabajo. Felicidades un besazo.sigue así . Natalia Martín

  4. Maruxa dijo:

    Muy buen trabajo Elsa, me parece muy interesante y que esta muy bien realizado, felicidades. Un besote Maru

  5. Isabel dijo:

    Fantástico Elsa, muy bien!!!! Isabel y Galleta

  6. Elsa Escribano Martín dijo:

    Hi Cristiana, tranks for posting the video, Today I study to be prepared ir you put and exam.
    YOU ARE THE BEST TEACHER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hello cristiana i soo the video of machines of 4D and 4C is very funny i like a lot


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