The International Day Against Racism

On 21th of March we are going to celebrate the INTERNATIONAL DAY AGAINST RACISM.

On this day there is going to be a FOOTBALL MATCH AGAINST RACISM, at 14:00the world is beautiful:

Teachers- 6th Grade Students

On 28 th of March we are going to prepare different workshops in collaboration with one of our parters in the etwinning project: CP Aravaca. We are going to meet students from different cultures and countries and together we are going to learn about Tolerance and Respect.

Our invitation to the celebration


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8 respuestas a The International Day Against Racism

  1. Patricia dijo:

    Cristiana I saw the videos as always, it were very funny I laugh a lot.
    See you tomorow.

  2. Patricia dijo:

    Good mach Cristiana.Teachers are the best but the children were also good.
    See you on Monday.

  3. Gonzalo Cordero Méndez dijo:

    Hi Cristiana I’m Gonzalo.I have seen the three videos.

  4. María Melendo Córdoba 4ªC =) dijo:

    Hi Cristiana the videos I have seen were great!
    Y el partido aún mas!
    See you next day
    Mery M

  5. Elsa E dijo:

    Hola Cristiana creo que el examen estaba chupado (pero claro estudiando se consigue lo mejor en un examen) pero tampoco me debo confiar tanto. Y hoy a sido un día sin tener que estudiar!!!!


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