International Day Against Racism

On 28th of March we had a great time doing different workshops about the International Day Against Racism.

Here is the result of a day where we have some guests: Cp. Aravaca.




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5 respuestas a International Day Against Racism

  1. Nicolas Bicand 4 C dijo:

    hi cristiana ii love a lot all the videos i think we will win because the video is fantastic.
    thanks for do lot of funy things.
    see you now

  2. elsaem2004 dijo:

    Hello Cristian,

    I wacht the video a lot of times becouse it is very funni!
    I had a very very well Semana Santa, and I didn’t forget to
    study Trinity topic and Trinity Questions.
    i think I will have a very good mark and a great time
    making the conversation. I love your blog!!!

    A hundred of Kisses,
    Elsa Escribano Martin 4ºC

    • crisvasiluta dijo:

      Hi Elsa,
      I am very glad to see that you are ready for the last term. I know and trust and you are going to get a great mark and learn a lot.
      We are going to enjoy this last term together.
      Kisses I am going to visit your blog 😉😉😊😊

  3. elsaem2004 dijo:

    Thak you Cristiana, but the blog, it isn’t with a wordpress
    profile, it is with a blogger profile, so I will send you by e-mail
    the name of the blog (if you want to see it)

    se you tomorrow,
    Elsa Escribano Martín

  4. farruquita dijo:

    hola cristiana me encanta el vídeo lo he visto 1000 millones de veces me encanta sale mi hermana
    Estoy estudiando después de lo que has dicho esta semana 😦 😦 ;( ;(


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