Unit10: Our Country ( grade4)

In this unit we are going to learn about Spanish economic, politic and geographic features.

Spanish rivers:

Spanish short history:



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6 respuestas a Unit10: Our Country ( grade4)

  1. Alejandro gonzalez dijo:

    Cristiana the two videos were very interestiing but i prefer the second one.

    How do you fine this fantstic videos?

    See you tomorrow.

    • crisvasiluta dijo:

      I am glad you like them. I canshow you howto create interactive activities and we can use them in our class. Now that we have new computers in school we can learn new tools to create your own activities. I can teach you at two o’clock.

  2. Patricia dijo:

    Cristiana I love the videos and now I know more of rivers and about Spanish history. I glad of you because I don’t knhow from where do you get the time for all the things you have to do. See you tomorow and I wqant to know how to do this videos with the new computers on Monday.

  3. Maca Ezquerra dijo:

    Cris i like the vídeos but i prefer thr one moro there are very interesting

  4. mery dijo:

    Cristiana i think that in the exam i´m going to have a 9


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