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The best of the year

YOU ARE MY BEST PRESENTS! You all make me happy this year. THANK YOU KIDS! Here is my present for your work and learning effort. Anuncios

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Unit10: Our Country ( grade4)

In this unit we are going to learn about Spanish economic, politic and geographic features. Spanish rivers: Spanish short history:    

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Unit11: Work (grade3)

Clasification of different sectors: primary, secondary and tertiary.  Primary and Secondary sectors explanations  

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Future Transport(3ºC &3ºD)

Grade 3 Students present their inventions about “The Future Transports”. Here are some examples of our engineers’ presentations. GREAT JOB KIDS!  

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Grade4:  Tuesday 13th, unit 9 Grade3: Thursday,15th,unit 10  

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Grade 3D: the future transport

      3rd Grade ( D) students have to present on Tuesday, 6th May, their invention about the “FUTURE TRANSPORT”. They should present the following points: 1º -Personal presentation and the name of their invention 2º- Describe the transport … Seguir leyendo

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Grade 4: Trinity Exam

Monday, 28th abril ayou should bring the material, posters, etc. for the Trinity exam.  

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