Paint the World Project


Our blog about this project is in the next link:

Etwinning Project blog

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17 respuestas a Paint the World Project

  1. Cristina Ruiz 4ºC dijo:

    cristiana I enter in the etwinig space it was great

  2. crisvasiluta dijo:

    The students from Greece are waiting for us to hace a chat…next week I am going to give you the password to go into the etwinning and talk with them. But do not forget to study.. 🙂

  3. Alejandra dijo:

    I saw the vídeos they are great!!!!

  4. Maria Fernández dijo:

    Hi Cristiana , we do the exam yes or yes.
    But then we go to the feather.
    Because we old confuse that the feather was on thursday but is on friday!!!!!!!🐕
    See you on friday!!!!!😉

  5. Daniel García de la Mata dijo:

    HELLO ! Cristiana isee the videos are very good.

  6. Maria Melendo 4ºC dijo:

    Hello Cristiana i can’t conect to my profile. What can I do?

    Maria melendo

    • Cristiana dijo:

      Try this:
      Click on the oicture above
      Go to twinspace in etwinning
      Then pupils
      Introduce your name and password
      And thais all!!

      Try again your password …maybe you write it wrong…take care with capital letters( mayúsculas)

  7. Maria Melendo 4ºC dijo:

    ok thanks!

  8. Maria Melendo 4ºC dijo:

    Cristiana it pot me that the password and the name are rong.
    you can give me other time my name and my password here is my mail:

    You are the best.
    Maria melendo 4ºc

  9. alejandra zuñiga dijo:

    Cristiana, i am trying to enter with my password but i can’t enter . Can you tell me why i can’t enter.

  10. Elsa E dijo:

    Hola Cristiana!!!
    Estas mejor? me han dicho que ayer estabas resfriada.
    Ayer os merecíais las medallas de primeras y no de segundas pero bueno lo hicisteis genial!
    Has corregido ya los exámenes?
    Espero que tus recuperes pronto
    Elsa E.M-

  11. Patricia dijo:

    Cristiana I can’t login to Etwining. Can you tell me how to enter the blog?
    See you tomorow in the playground , if not on Thursday.

  12. Daniel García de la Mata dijo:

    Hello Cristiana, i saw you in the Alcampo of Torrelodones.
    See you tomorrow.

  13. Daniel García de la Mata dijo:

    Cristiana i`m doing a presentation of the space, the only bad thing is that is in spanish.


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