Hola chic@s

antes de irme de España os voy a dar la gran noticia: HEMOS GANADO EL PREMIO NACIONAL ETWINNING CON EL PROYECTO sobre PINTORES.

Esta es la carta que me mandaron hoy y que nos felicitan por elETWINNING Ganadores trabajo realizado.



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Llegamos al final de este cuento tan maravilloso que ha sido el curso escolar 2013/2014.

Me gustaría despedirme con un cuento que he escrito especialmente para vosotros y que espero os sirva de guía para vuestro futuro, al igual que a mí me ha servido para lograr muchas cosas en esta vida.

Siempre luchar por vuestros sueños porque sólo así se consiguen y NO  dejar que nadie os diga que no podéis.


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The best of the year


You all make me happy this year. THANK YOU KIDS!

Here is my present for your work and learning effort.

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Happy Holidays!

Before going on holidays I am going to post the best free apps to learn English. 


HERE are the best apps we’ve found on the internet for learning English using your iOS or android based device!

Let’s get started!

Language Learning Apps by Studycat

At Studycat, we create language learning apps that are built to engage, entertain and educate kids. Our expertise has been built over many years of teaching languages to children in the classroom, online and now through apps for smartphones and tablets.

Fun English Language Learning GamesFun English combines a structured English language course with engaging and entertaining games.

Our language learning activities keep your child entertained and occupied whilst introducing them to English words, sentences, speaking and spelling.


Fun English Stories

Fun English StoriesAn educational, interactive storybook and sentence building game that’s great for helping kids to enjoy reading on their own. Children get to experiment at their own pace, and they’ll easily be able to construct sentences by themselves right away.

By learning English through play, they’ll develop their own love for learning the English language.

Fun English Videos

Fun English Videos teach basic English conversation. Each video features cartoons, songs, classroom scenes and more.

 Adjectives 1

This video teaches adjectives and opposites with personal pronouns: I, you, he, she and it.

Fun English Videos - Adjectives 1Playlist:
1. The Opposites Game
2. Space Classroom
3. Tall Building
4. Listen & Repeat
5. The Friend Game
6. Frog & Bird
7. Question & Answer

Contains 14 minutes of video material.

Download Adjectives 1 for iPad & iPhone

Adjectives 2

This video teaches how to use adjectives to describe people and things.


1. Road Trip 1
2. Vocabulary
3. Listen & Repeat
4. Road Trip 2
5. The Vegetaband
6. Road Trip 3
7. What is that thing?
8. Question & Answer
9. Road Trip 4

Download Adjectives 2 for iPad & iPhone


This video teaches the names of the fruits, and the verb ‘to like’.



1. Mr Fumbles
2. Classroom at Sea
3. Fruit Pop Stars
4. Listen & Repeat
5. Making Juice
6. Question & Answer

Contains 14 minutes of video material.

Verbs 1

This video teaches the simple present tense of several everyday actions.



1. I Can Girl
2. Listen & Repeat
3. Yes I Can
4. Billy the Robot
5. The Audition
6. Question & Answer
7. Tree Climber

Contains 16 minutes of video material.

Verbs 2

This video teaches the present continuous tense: adding -ing to verbs.



1. The Silly Billy Band
2. Classroom in a Tree
3. Raking Leaves
4. Lonely Lonnie
5. Question & Answer
6. Pippy’s Dance

Contains 13 minutes of video material.


1. Learn English Grammar, by The British Council – Free

-Pros: People often underestimate the importance of grammar, especially when they want to learn how to speak English quickly. Many people can find grammar boring or tedious, but it’s an essential part of any language learning process. The British Council understood this and created this app through which they developed an organized, yet fun way to learn English grammar. Using a series of simple exercises like multiple-choice questions and sentence re-ordering, you’ll be able to understand and remember the grammar rules in English.

-Cons: This app is free to download, but then you only get a few lessons to study. If you wish to continue studying, you’ll need to pay about one dollar per new level. One other potential issue is that if you don’t have a basic understanding of English (which we think you do because you are reading this) this app is definitely not for you!

Download it now!
2. WordPower Learn American English Vocabulary, by – Free

-Pros: Once you understand how a language works, one of the biggest challenges is growing your vocabulary then practice, practice, practice. Innovative Language Learning has created a very friendly and simple application with the most essential vocabulary from native expressions, tourist destinations, flirting, food, money, body parts, occupations, etc.

– Cons: Although you are able to listen to native speakers and then record your own pronunciation to compare with theirs, the sample sentences given for each word are only three- or four-word sentences. Sometimes it’s enough, but in some cases, more examples are needed in order to understand the use of the word. Also, something you might want to think about before purchasing the complete app is that it’s nothing more than a word bank. In other words, this app does not explain any grammar or anything else besides vocabulary.

Download it now!

3. Learn English Through Stories, by Vu Truong Tanh –  Free

-Pros: It’s always more fun, and often more effective to learn a language through something entertaining like stories or comics rather than conventional textbook-style dialogues. It reminds us of that funny green monster from the late 80’s in the popular English learning videos Follow Muzzy. With Learn English Through Stories you’ll be able to listen to different stories and learn vocabulary, as well as its different usages in the real English-speaking world.

-Cons: The stories aren’t that interesting in the first levels, but they get better once the difficulty increases. The voice on some of the recordings sounds like a robot, which makes the experience a bit dull. Also, as with the apps we previously mentioned, not all the lessons are for free.

Download it now!

4. EnglishPod on OpenLanguage, by OpenLanguage – Free

-Pros: OpenLanguage has created an amazing platform in which they’ve merged the contents of some of the most popular language programs on the web like SpanishPod, EnglishPod, and FrenchPod. In one single app and website, you’ll be able to study all these different languages (if you purchase the subscriptions). Their Tablet Textbook, using a new generation of language learning apps, provides students with all the basic studying tools in one single interface with sentence-reordering exercises, word-by-word translation, the ability to save vocabulary in the target language, and a “Task” feature, which consists of special exercises you can complete to get feedback from their academic team as well as from the student community. There is even an “accuracy” feature where you can record yourself and get feedback from voice recognition software!

-Cons: It all depends on what you need, but we think that it might be a little overpriced if your purpose is to learn English just for fun ($30 monthly subscription, $240 annual subscription). EnglishPod on OpenLanguage is a complete language course,  not just a flashcard or a vocabulary app, so before you grab your credit card and get ready to make your purchase, think about it carefully.

Download it now!

5. Learn English, by Hello-Hello – Free

-Pros: One of the best features this app has is that it provides a multi-language interface, meaning that regardless of your native tongue, they’ll probably have a translation of the app for you, unless you’re a Wookiee and speak whatever it was Chewbacca used to speak. Their teaching system is based on videos which explain the complete lesson, including grammar and expressions, and also provide simple yet useful exercises to help the student comprehend what’s going on. As a bonus point, we really enjoyed watching the videos; they are cute and funny, but sometimes a bit creepy.

-Cons: As always, you need to pay for the full version (about $15 bucks). The multi-language interface is very useful, however, the translations feel forced and sometimes don’t make any sense, almost as if they just “Google-translated” the whole thing. The voiceovers feel forced most of the time and, after twenty minutes of continuous study, the videos start to get boring.

Download it now! 

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Etwinning Project

This is the end of our Etwinning project. Greece and Spain work together in the last activity.

Thank you Greece for your great participation!


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Unit10: Our Country ( grade4)

In this unit we are going to learn about Spanish economic, politic and geographic features.

Spanish rivers:

Spanish short history:



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Unit11: Work (grade3)

Clasification of different sectors: primary, secondary and tertiary. 

Primary and Secondary sectors explanations


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